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door Mobile65787273273

Not an all-inclusive experience

So lets start with the positive. Apollo was great at giving information right outside the airport, easy to find transfer bus and find your hotel. Staff at the hotel were very friendly and helpful. Food was mostly OK but fried foods were almost never crispy but rather soggy (unless you started eating as soon as they opened). What surprised me most was their "All-inclusive" collection. We calculated and in total I think around 30-40% of the food/snacks/drinks was included into "All-inclusive" which kind of defeats the purpose of All-inclusive. We have never been to a hotel where we had to ask on every item "Is this included in all-inclusive?" just to make sure we weren't going to be billed. Some information on Apollos website are also false. For example, they stated that one bar serves "snacks and desserts" until midnight, but this bar did not have any snacks at all. One bar said they "serves sandwhiches from 22 - 23". These "sandwhiches" were old food from the regular buffé and they were not sandwhiches, but small finger food. It was also stated that they have a bar serving drinks at the beach, which is also not correct. The only hotel with a bar at the beach was another hotel which was next to Mythos Beach Resort. The closest bar was inside the hotel area and if you wanted snacks you had to go even further into the hotel area. Nothing was actually served by the beach. They also had a "A la carte" restaurant, and this was not included at all. So very disappointed with the package and I would not recommend choosing it because you could get better Greek food in the city only 5 minutes away. We had booked the "apartment" room. Upon arriving we realize that there is only a single unlocked door that separates the next room. The door did not have a handle but the door was unlocked since we accidentally opened it at one point. There was no isolation between the rooms, since this is a family hotel there is obviously kids/babies here. However, since no isolation it was literally as if we suddenly had a screaming/crying baby with us which cried all night. We told the Hotel staff this and they said they will try help us get a new room but we had to wait until tomorrow. So we return later and they tell us Apollo have to change our room type in order to change our room. We talk to Apollo and they promise us they will text us the same day with a solution. The day passes and no text message. Next day we have to talk to them again (new staff) and they tell us exactly the same as previous day. But now I tell them we need help immediately because we have already waited 3 nights with no sleep. Later we get a phone call saying they can upgrade our room but we have to pay €95. We accept this because obviously we need sleep in order to enjoy our vacation. Apollo was very slow with their help and they were only available (at the hotel) for like 1-2 hours each day. We still had a good time outside of the hotel, but we would not recommend this hotel if you are looking for a genuine "all-inclusive" experience.


door kristinapt Valkeala, Finland

Good hotel, but we expected better from 5 stars.

Mythos hotel is more likely 4 star than 5. We appreciated that we got a room on a ground floor, because we had a stroller for baby. Room was nice and cleaning at the hotel was done always well. All inclusive package didn't actually contain everything, no fresh juices for example, but it was still worth to take because there's not much near by. Food was good and lots to choose from. We liked that there was lots of fruit for snack at the pool bar, and kids corner with waffles and other sweets was awesome. Unfortunately there was no food suitable for baby (except fruits). We didn't like that hotel is trying to "save money" on some things, or so we think. Juices at the breakfast were horrible "sugary mixes". Only tab water at the main restaurant, we got bottle water at the pool bar and brought it with us. Entertainment was not organised every evening. Some staff didn't speak English well, even at reception. Water playground at the little pool is getting old. Baby swings were actually a little dangerous. And last thing the beach, it was not cleaned well or at all. It was also rocky, swimming shoes are necessary and you can buy them at the hotel store for example. Beach is why came all the way, but it was disappointing.


door Arild S Oslo, Norway

Heaven is a place on Earth, namely Rhodos, Afandou, Kolymbia, Mythos Beach Resort.

The Summer in Norway is very short, but when you know that you have a vacation in Mythos Beach Resort to look forward to, you can stand a temperature for ab 18 - 20 deg. The sun is in zenith, the sea is azure and all the people are smiling. Do you know why? You are in Greece. To come back to Mythos Beach Resort, is like coming home to our big family. The whole resort is updated with sunbeds, beds, refreshed rooms, and all the pools have had an updating. And there is a family friendly atmosphere waiting for us. We are so looking forward to seeing you later. Best wishes, from the Family Steine from Norway 🙏💖


door Jimmi R Jyllinge, Denemarken

Too bad the hotel has discontinued the three-room 😟

A fantastic hotel with experiences for children and adults, there are also many good experiences on Rhodes. Really good service and food at the hotel - Too bad the hotel has discontinued the three-room 😟


door Arild S Oslo, Norway

Oh what a beautiful morning.....Oh what a beautiful holiday.

When the sun rises at 05.30 in the morning, over the turquoise blue sea, and the temperature is 25 degres, you feel like you are in heaven. The first thing to do, is to get a fresh start with a swim in the ocean or one of the three beatiful pools. And after that, it's to get a proper breakfast, at large, in the buffet. That is what a good start is all about. The buffet is full of fresh fruits, yoghurt fresh baked bread, rolls and croasent. You can order a wonderful omelette, made after your own taste, and of course a variety of greek dishes, like salad, spanakopita or other pie's. Then the world calls you for a day in the sun. The children's pool are full og activities for all the youngsters, the "sports pool" is for working out, play and fun. And the Relaxpool is for a quiet meditation or just relaxing. The shows in the evenings is with acrobats, magicians and music, near the terrace bar, where you also can find cocktails and drinks after your own desires. All in all a perfect paradise holiday in Mythos Beach Resort for the whole family