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  • 4,5/5 Slaapkwaliteit
  • 3,5/5 Locatie
  • 4/5 Kamers
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 4/5 Hygiëne

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door Rosiina M

Very good hotel

The hotel looked very nice. The room was cleaned every day. Beautiful views could be seen from the hotel. The food was delicious and the staff were friendly. Every day there were different activities to do and there were shows in the evenings. But I didn't like the way the employees were treated. They were constantly yelled at and pulled by the ear, and all this in front of the customers.


door Adema S

The hotel is good, I advise everyone

I was with my sisters in January at Ivy Cyrene Island. We were well received at the hotel, immediately checked in despite our fatigue from flights. At the reception, the receptionist Ali helped with everything, was friendly, kind. The room was clean, which I was very happy about. The animators are funny, they had different programs every night. The most cheerful of them is Mido, he provided for the interests of the guests, was kind. The waiters in the dining room are the best in their field. Each of them encouraged me, if I was in a bad mood, kind, they would help me with everything. Overall, the hotel is not bad, good, thank you for everything. There were good impressions due to the people and locations of the hotel.


door l_shtefanyak

Excellent rest!

I really liked this kind of rest. The hotel is cozy and beautiful: daily cleaning of rooms, daily change of towels, drinking water, coffee, tea and sugar are also brought every day. The territory of the hotel is just a fairy tale: beautiful flowers, decorative bushes, picturesque palm trees. Everything is carefully maintained. The hotel staff is very friendly, polite, always smiling. I especially liked the Animation of the hotel, just wonderful, very warm atmosphere. Entertainment shows and animations are cool. I recommend this hotel.


door Monika M

Don't book

Horrible hotel. Food very bad, rooms not clean. Management treating staff badly. The only good things was service on hitted pool. 2 Mohamets was absolutely brilliant. Thank you Guys for making our holiday better. I would not come back to this hotel.


door Mario C

Average and unfortunately - too often disappointing.

We are divers and being citizens of a country in Europe, due to its location, Egypt is our natural location, and we try to visit it at least once a year. During our over twenty years of visits, sometimes several times, most often to Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam and the surrounding area of Dahab, I think we have developed quite a good opinion about the level of hotel facilities in these places (Compared to the above - Hurgada due to the obvious poor poverty of sealife we tend to avoid this location). The Cyrene Ivy Island hotel looks quite average compared to other resorts we visited (to be honest, now I'm only talking about 4-star hotels, leaving out the higher standard ones in this summary). Of course, we must remember about other conditions for hotel standardization in Egypt. I'll start with the negatives: - The resort itself gives the impression of a neglected and severely underinvested hotel. A worn-out back room, repaired with tape and wire, only superficially disguised by technicians. Air conditioning not working, low water pressure, scaled-up sanitary fittings, broken bathroom tiles, etc. - The level of hygiene can be considered at best – only as acceptable. The cleaner was more interested in preparing surprises with towels than in cleaning our room properly. - Theoretically, the towels were refreshed because I wouldn't say they were washed well, the bed linen, hmmm, well I recommend checking it carefully immediately after arrival. - The floor in the room and bathroom was barely wiped with a wet rag, and the mirrors were never cleaned. - In a restaurant, I suggest checking the cleanliness of plates and cutlery. - I guess the only word that can be used to describe what can be found in the toilets on the hotel beach is tragic. Dirty, wet, smelly, with missing toilet paper and paper towels. As for the beach itself, it is too small for the clients of the two resorts whose guests it is theoretically supposed to accommodate. The toilets in the reception halls definitely looked the best. - To be fair, I think some of the criticism can be attributed to the very poorly functioning laundry and perhaps the dishwasher being industrialized in the restaurant, but these may just be my guesses. - The food in the restaurants is very monotonous and has a very, very limited selection. Compared to other hotels we have visited, the menu offering here looks and tastes very poor. Positives: Unfortunately, there are not many of them. The only and probably the greatest advantage of the Ivy Cyrene Island resort is the reception team – Mahmoud, Aliosama and Abderhman. They tried to solve every problem immediately, without artificially delaying everything. I must mention that unfortunately I had to use the reception's help several times… Without it, my stay at the hotel would have to be one of the worst. Unforgivable sins -The hotel management's approach to customer safety. Protruding or sunken manholes and inspection chambers, the same with paving slabs (I almost broke my leg twice). Grates in pumping rooms near swimming pools where you can break your ankle. -The biggest and unforgivable sin is the hotel's approach to environmental protection. Disposable plastic cups and something I haven't seen anywhere in the world for years - plastic drinking straws, especially those lying around and blown by the wind on the beach. Every day I collected and threw away dozens of cups and straws. Decision-makers should immediately prohibit the use of disposable cups and straws and educate staff in the basic principles of environmental protection and how to enforce it on hotel guests. The guests, the vast majority of whom come from Russia, fully deserve the opinion attributed to them. Noisy, with a very demanding attitude, they treat littering very lightly. In summary, I can only say that if someone wants to reduce the cost of their holiday as much as possible, I can say that they can turn a blind eye to these inconveniences, but we will never return to the hotel.