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door Renata S

Combine Sports with Sun & Fun!

Fuerteventura is an amazing island. The air, the light, the sea flooding your body with strength and energy. If you want more, go to Playitas. We discovered Playitas 2016 when we were searching for “the biggest pool in Fuerteventura”. Playitas offers a heated eight-lane, 50 m Olympic Pool. And when we saw in addition the water slide for our kids, we booked, and are visiting Playitas since then every year! This is the ultimate place to be, especially when you love sports. At Playitas you can do sports from dusk till dawn. Even if you are a passionate athlete you can discover talents and attitudes in yourself you didn´t know about before. The sport coaches are offering you a super efficient training combined with the fantastic atmosphere of the venue. I especially enjoyed the highly professional training with Stephane Bachellerie. Not only that you can improve your fitness with CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or Metcon. You also learn how breathing, food, and relaxation essentially influence your performance. With Stephane you can really unlock your potential! Big thank you to all Playitas team! And not to forget the delicious and healthy food!


door Gregor W

Insane coaches are rare but some are at Playitas resort.

We had an awesome 2 weeks sports vacation, again! One of the best coaches I trained with during the last 20 years guided me through CrossFit, weightlifting, Metcon and running techniques. Thank you very much @Stephane Bachellerie My daughter got awesome tennis training lessons from the highly motivated coach Basti! Thank you Basti! Looking forward to the next trip!


door 778jonathang Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Very well run place. Good classes. Good facilities. Hard-working and personable staff.

Perfect for a week of enjoying different sports and classes each day. Decent bike routes to be done with courteous local drivers. Some good hiking. Food pretty good all round. Rooms well cleaned and very little noise at night. Without wanting to sound like a hippy it genuinely did "free my mind".


door 197fitnessl

NEEDS REBRAND TO #europesworstsportsresort

If this is #europesbestsport… I’d hate to go to europes worst one! Timetables that are copied and pasted with repeated classes, for example core class in the morning, abs in the evening, even a Tabata class followed by HIIT and DANCE classes with squats, lunges, planks and press-ups. The resort quote is ‘free your mind’ but all the mindful classes like yoga, pilates reformer, aerial yoga etc you have to pay at least €7.50. Spinning costs €5 and they don’t have functioning bikes as non of the screens showing RPM etc work and they have no cover to protect you from the sun. Don’t bother going to give constructive feedback to the managers as they don’t care and don’t want to know… that’s if you can find the managers! We came to the resort 5 years ago and the resort had an incredible sports team, professional, knowledgeable teaching fun and safe classes. What has happened? If you like triathlons and are here to train, the resort and location is perfect. However, if you want to do safe classes with professional (and more importantly QUALIFIED instructors), go to Club La Santa in Lanzarote!!!!!


door 444_sac Stockholm, Zweden

Great place for activity and sports combined with sunny holiday

Great for an active holiday. If you are into sports it is wonderful but also if you are not highly into sports. The breakfast is ok/good but the Buffé not so much. Also the other restaurant on the area isn’t good at all. I think if I go here again that I will take an apartment room and cook for ourselves.