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  • 4,5/5 Locatie
  • 4,5/5 Slaapkwaliteit
  • 4/5 Kamers
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4,5/5 Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 4,5/5 Hygiëne

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door 869maarito Helsinki, Finland

Nice spot, great personnel, less sports friendly and average food, poor food if you have allergies.

Loved the location, view, crystal clear water, friendly personnel, sports possibilities!! But we were extremely disappointed that despite informing the reception in advance, informing the restaurant and asking the kind and helpful personnel it was difficult to find suitable food from buffet and from breakfast table. Just an excample there was gluten in almost everything, even in salads. Also the food in general was disappointment, for a four star sports hotel you could expect to find fish or some vegan protein in the breakfast table. There was some dinner hihglights worth mentioning, grilled octopus was delicious!! In the morning if you wanted to join instructed sports you eighter skipped breakfast or need to train with full stomach. The classes were at 9 or 10 when breakfast was 7.30 to 10. Note to people with food allergies, don’t pay for half or full board, it’s not worth. Another issue was the selection of sports, everything (fun) happened during the same hours. And the most popular sports were fully booked in record time.


door Livar L

Nice, but far from perfect

Nice hotel, good training facilities, bike rentals, gym, hotel crew etc. Negative things are; overcrowded in July-August. E.g all sun beds at seaside are occupied early by people putting towels on them on sunrise and then coming back later, even if the rules says not to. During heatwave the seaside is the only place to be at daytime. A few rats down at the seaside, mosquitos that bites and skinny cats in the restaurants does not make dinnertime what it could be.. even with a fantastic view, ok buffets and a very nice and helpful crew. The beach across the bay require bathing shoes due to gravel and rocks (not nice sand as pictures seem to show). Recommended to stay away from July and August period. Too hot and too crowded.


door claremF3747QK

Location perfect, absolutely beautiful

The whole way through this trip was perfect. The hotel rooms had plenty of space, very clean and with its own fridge to keep food and drink. On the first morning, I was welcomed by a stunning view of the sea and islands from our balcony. Boiling hot! Sun lotion is essential. I spent much of my time paddleboarding and kayaking, all of which were so peaceful and relaxing. However, other activities such as waterskiing, cycling and tennis are also a must-do. The sea was very calm and clear and had lots of fish, so I would recommend this neilson resort to any snorkelers. The food at this resort was amazing! Every day brought a different meal, all delicious and top-quality! The staff were super kind and helpful. This place has a swimming pool if you're ever looking for a more relaxed day. A brilliant trip, great location, beautiful seas, fun activities, great staff and delicious food. The usual perfect from neilson. I'd highly recommend!


door susan c

Food /water poisoning ruined my holiday

I got food poisoning the day after I arrived and thought it was the food I was in a terrible state, after 2 days I was feeling better and drank the water in a water station that they insisted was safe and got ill again by a process of elemination I realized it was the water. I was ill for 4 out of 7 days!!!! The hotel manager said their had been other complaints but the local doctor they called said it was a bug but he would say that which side would you take if you were him. A multi million pound local business or a few tourists. The poisoning ruined my holiday and I didn't try to sue so this is not a scam


door Chris_kI4669JY

Fun, fitness and new friends

Don’t let the number of steps in the Retreat put you off. If you are looking for an activity holiday that includes fitness and relaxation classes, challenging cycling, a wide variety of water sports, padel or normal tennis and a gym - then this is the perfect holiday for you. The Retreat is set in a stunning location and the staff could not have been more friendly, professional and encouraging. I met new friends and came home fitter than when I arrived (and I still managed to enjoy the great food and the cocktails in the bar). The hotel accommodation is of a good standard, very clean and comfortable. I tried new activities in this stunning setting, like paddle boarding and enjoyed some great kayaking group trips, as well as a group cycle ride to Perdica, for example. I have never been so busy on holiday! Unlike me, if you are a hard core cyclist then there are plenty of even more challenging rides for you to try and the stretch classes in amongst a busy programme of fitness classes will really help with tight muscles. I am sure my experience was not a one off and that Neilson’s Sivota Retreat must be consistently amazing because so many guests told me they return again and again. I know I will.