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door petrav484 Breda, Nederland

Niet voor Nederlanders

Het is een hotel dat goed verzorgd is, heel modern. Zwembad is goed en alles is schoon. De dames achter de receptie zijn heel behulpzaam en de locatie is top. Maar de kamers zijn heel klein en de bedden extreem hard. Het eten is toegespitst op alle Russen die er verblijven dus dat vonden wij niet lekker en ook niet gezellig, we konden met niemand praten. We hadden er overigens geen last van,maar gewoon niet gezellig voor jezelf of de kinderen. Dit geldt voor heel ayia napa ik zou niet snel nogmaals gaan.


door ladyburn northumberland

Very disappointed guest.

just returned from what was meant to be an 11 night stay at this hotel, we arrived on the 17th, and everything was good, staff friendly, food nice, drinks nice, hotel spotlessly clean, then it all went down hill when a over a 100 students arrived. We were woken just after 3 the first night of their arrival they had rooms either side of myself and were partying in both rooms and also in the gardens downstairs, this continued till after 6 in the morning. On way to breakfast in the morning we were greeted with feaces, sick and broken glass along the corridors. We went to reception to complain and were advised they were all going to receive final written warnings. As we had another week left in hotel with them we decided we did not want to stay along with several other guests in the hotel. Around the pool the next day they had taking all the sun loungers, all seats occupied in the bat and were queueing at the bar for it opening at 10 am. We contacted Jet 2 and asked to be moved and between the hotel manager and the rep we were offered the sister hotel. This hotel is a lovely hotel and it's a shame taking booking from this many students let's it down, because as I say we never had any faults until their arrival.


door steffyc Northumberland, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Spoilt stay

We arrived on the 17 th may for a 11 day stay, initially everything was ok, the restaurant staff and maids were very friendly and efficient and we thought we had made a good choice of hotel. It is in a good location close to the beach, harbour and bars and shops. We were given room 108 in the main building directly below the restaurant and soon found out that we wouldnt be getting a lie in as the staff started setting up at 6.30 am and we were woken by the noise each morning. On our third day approx 100 swedish teenagers checked into the hotel and unfortunately thats when things went quickly down hill. On their first night we were awoken at 3.30 am with people running up and down the corridor screaming and shouting. I went out to ask them to be quiet and was met by 3 girls and 1 boy who were not pleased i was asking them to be quiet. After 10 minutes the noise was getting worse so i got dressed and started to make my way to reception to find someone to deal with the situation. In the corridor there was broken bottles and spilt alcohol, i went to walk to the lift and discovered someone had emptied their bowels in the corridor, and left a trail of faeces along the passageway, the smell was horrific. I went to reception and told the night porter he would have to come and deal with the situation, he came and looked and just said a maid would clean it up in the morning . A lot of the youths were coming to the area and were retching threatening to be sick and making even more noise, this went on for most of the night. When we went down to breakfast the next morning as soon as we opened our room door the smell was stomach churning. I returned to reception and spoke to the lady on reception, she apologised but i still felt not enough had been done so i returned later and spoke to the manager. He said they were excited it was the first day of their holiday and they would all get a formal warning letter about their behaviour but obviously couldnt guarantee it wouldnt happen again so i contacted jet2 and asked for a rep to contact me which he did just before lunchtime. They offered to change our hotel to the nicholas colours sister hotel the stamatia after we were sent to go and have a look to see if it was suitable we agreed to move. A full day of our holiday lost having to complain and then pack and unpack again. I hope the parents of some of these teenagers read this honest review and find out how they have been behaving like animals.


door noah J

Good hotel

Good beds, friendly staff in the resturant, bar and overall in the hotell. I liked staying here because of the location, close to everything, the bar, the beach and good restaurants. I would recommend staying here if you are going to Ayia Napa. The best staff member was Stamatis


door Simon C

Nice hotel but AVOID week starting 20th May

Honest review- hotel is very nice and extremely clean. Staff are all friendly and can’t do enough to help. Pool area is again clean and well equipped no rush for sun beds and signs up reminding people not to reserve them with towels. Now the bad part. On the 20th of May we were woken up at 1am to load shouting swearing banging of doors etc and this went on till 0600. When we went to reception we were made aware over 150 Swedish students had arrived at the hotel and this was the cause of the non stop noise (happened last year same time aswel) numerous couples asked to be moved/ pool area was a different space during the day. Sun beds all “reserved” with towels now chairs all moved from pool bar so students had seats as there wasn’t enough loungers. All of them drinking non stop, some families left the pool as their children weren't happy. one of the corridors had human waste smeared down the walls (was cleaned and repainted same morning) so to sum up if you want a nice relaxed hotel with nice staff this is the place to visit but not at the end of May / beginning of June.