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  • 4/5 Kamers
  • 4/5 Service
  • 4/5 Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 4/5 Hygiëne

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door kmeers44

Super hotel met top mensen!!! Wij komen zeker terug! ❤️😍

10/10 dit is een gezellige plaats met vriendelijke en behulpzame mensen. Hun ligging is ideaal op 3min van het strand. Heel hygiënische en authentieke plaats... Centraal gelegen tussen gezellige beach bars en restaurants, met veel winkels in de buurt.


door HelenaPersille Stavanger, Noorwegen

Relaxing location, a few annoyances.

This was our first time at Aspres. We were lucky to arrive at the end of June, when the temperatures are high, but livable. The place looks like a small village with several simple apartments around the pool. Aspres is located at the far end of Votsalakia. The area is quiet, and at that time it did not feel crowded with tourists, even though all apartments were occupied. The closest beach is Fournaki beach, and it quickly became our favorite spot. Even though Votsalakia beach has far less stones. The pool was nice and clean, and the bar had some options for food, but not much for vegetarians. Even though it has a child pool, keep in mind that this is for really small children. Seven year olds may prefer the big pool, which starts at a depth of 1,20m. The apartment we got had the expected standard for a two star hostel. Some kitchen utensils, a small fridge, a small table top electric stove, beds and towels. We had enough space for two adults and three children. Be aware that you will have to buy your own showering soap as the hostel does not provide it. As mentioned by other reviewers, the shower was a bit tricky. It was small and got easily wet. We had to develop some strategy to keep the bathroom dry during a shower. And yes, the curtain will easily find its way to your skin while you shower. One of our kids preferred to use the showers by the pool instead. The faucets in our apartment need attention as they will leak if not tightened when closed, and for that reason they were hard to open for the kids. One of the bed lamps didn't work, and management could not change the light bulb, as it is an old lamp. If you are looking forward for sosial media detox, this might be the right place for you. The internet is surprisingly absent. You get signal at the bar, and as you move towards the apartments, it will just not work. The bandwidth is not strong, even at the bar. But it is possible to download a show while at the bar to watch later at the room. Alternatively, you can watch it at the bar after it is closed, but be prepared to be eaten alive by the mosquitoes. And speaking of which... as usual in hot weather, there are tons of mosquitoes everywhere. When packing, remember the electric mosquito pads you might have at home. If you don't have it with you, make it a priority to buy one at the closest mini market as soon as you arrive. You will need it. Alternatively, be prepared to pay 7 euros extra per day to use the air condition and keep the windows and door closed. Depending on when you arrive, and how hot it is, you might have to pay the extra anyways. Then forget about the mosquitoes. This was actually the very first time that I have seen this: the air condition isn't included in the price you pay for the accommodation. It felt almost like a trap. You either pay ekstra, sweat/get a stroke, or get eaten by mosquitoes because only a small window have a mosquito net. Even though it was deliciously windy outside at night, we could not keep the windows open, apart from that little one. Aspres was advertised to us as a family/child friendly hostel, but we were surprised to see that this is a 'smoking' hostel. The room and the tables at the bar had ashtrays and the guests are allowed to smoke wherever and whenever they want. Including next to your apartment door, while you children are sitting at the veranda. This was unfortunate as we did not enjoy the hostel as much as we could and spent most of the day out or locked inside. As others also mentioned, the owners are kind and seem to do their best to keep us comfortable. The cleaning staff was helpful and available if we needed it. All in all, it was an ok experience. We enjoyed Samos, the beach, the weather, the food, and we might visit Samos again in the future. I hope Aspres can offer air conditioning as standard, upgraded internet and become smoke free or at least smoke restricted by then.


door Meander07917348804 Parga Municipality, Griekenland

A great place to be in Votsalakia!

This is a nice hotell in a great location in Votsalakia. I could look out over the sea from my apartment. Lovely! Severel apartments around a nice poolarea with a poolbar and free wifi. Really good homecooked food and great service. 👍 The owners are so caring with great hospitality. A great place to be. 💗 Thank you! Maria


door sarafS5221ZH Ystad, Zweden

A relaxing and welcoming place which I would like to come back to!

A very nice couple which makes your stay really nice. The pool area with the bar where you can get very nice drinks, breakfast and lunch is a relaxing place to just spend your days. Its is also very close to the beach from Aspres apartments. We had a lovely stay! I specialy enjoyed the evenings on our veranda!


door annakW9688DK Votsalakia, Griekenland

A genuine Greek hotel

Nice an genuine Greek hotel. Nice breakfast served at plates to the table due to COVID it was a nice initiative. It’s not a 5 star hotel but everything works and the couple that run the hotel are so friendly. Nice clean pool Balcony with a view over the sea. Close to the beach Enough space to park the rentals (car/ scooter) I can really recommend this hotel for relaxation, good food and nice environment.