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  • 4/5 Locatie
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  • 4/5 Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 4/5 Hygiëne

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door fokkie22

Super gehad

Echt super mooi appartement geheel heel schoon goed ontbijt en leuke bediening we hebben genoten we komen komen zeker terug. Als was spik en span goed ontbijt en mooie kamer simpel maar alles wat je nodig hebt is aanwezig


door Sophie M

Was skeptical of bad reviews but had a great time

Couple aged 24/25. I read a lot of reviews for this place before we traveled and I was nervous about going. When we first arrived ir was about 1am and it was a new member of staff who didn’t manage to scan my passport but said it was fine, we also never had to pay a deposit, we weren’t shown any pool rules but these are displayed by the pool but I didn’t really think they were out of the ordinary i.e the music rules, we could hear music from the pool bar most days and if not I just put my earphones in, the rest of the rules didnt bother us. The pool area was relaxing which I liked, we never had to get up early for sunbed wars, the sun usually came out here at about 10am, cocktails were about €6 and cola about 2.50, Smirnoff 4 for example and happy hour was twice daily. Short walk to the beach, the strip and siam park/ siam mall, we walked down to safari centre from here and the walks not bad at all just the hill that hotel is on can be a killer depends which way you walk from, room was also huge and had everything we would need and the maids were lovely if we didn’t need the room done they would still offer to change the towels/bins. Onto the negatives - due to the member of staff at check in not scanning my passport I was not on the list on guests in the hotel but my boyfriend was, there was a security guard with a list on the Friday and Saturday nights and because I wasn’t on the list it was a bit of an issue for me getting back in due to me not ‘checking in’ which I did. The staff has to go through their documents to verify that I was allowed to go upstairs with my boyfriend, he had to go upstairs to the safe to get my passport to allow the staff to scan this, was such an inconvenience at 2am. Only other disappointment was the toilet/bathroom could’ve been doing with a refresh and an update as the grout needed redone. All in all I thought it was a great wee hotel for the price, bit out the way but didn’t mind the walk, I wouldn’t have an issue staying again for the price .


door Navigate36990426681 Cheshire, Verenigd Koninkrijk


THE WORST HOTEL. Me and my friends recently stayed here, which should of been for a week, but after two days were kicked out and left on the street with no where to go. We were repeatedly told off, bullied and harassed by the male staff at this hotel, the worst being BADER the receptionist/ manager. You are made to pay a deposit on arrival which you are not told about until you check in (we did not get this back even though there was no damage caused and a holiday rep even tried negotiating as he knew how ridiculous the manager was acting). As a whole, the start of our holiday was ruined due to staff (BADER) lying about our actions and trying to intimidate us with threats.


door 123vikki321


DO NOT BOOK!!! SCAM!!! This is my first review and by far the most important. From the moment we (A group of 6, introverted 22 year old girls!!) stepped foot through the hotel we were subject to vile treatment from the management. We were forced into signing a Spanish contract (no English copy available) to agree to pay a £150 deposit before we were allowed by BADER to get the keys for our room, despite us not being informed of this when initially booking the room. When we were finally allowed in the room, we headed down to the pool where we were subjected to abuse from the life guard, checking on us every few minuets, silencing us from laughing, talking and vaping, at 2pm in the afternoon! On one occasion they threatened to remove us from the hotel due to us sitting next to a group of 12 boys who were hysterically laughing, this was at 5PM!! we then chose to go inside in order to not cause any more trouble for ourselves as we felt victimised, which was later deemed to be true. On the morning after our second night we were greeted by police at our door demanding we left, of course as we were scared we left without question, we then questioned BADER the manager and he declared we had to leave and we would not get our £150 deposits back, with no reason as to what we had done. We were informed that the group of 12 boys had also been removed but we contacted them after a few days and this was not the case and they had instead just received more complaints with no punishment and stayed for 5 more days. This is a clear SCAM by BADER and his team to receive money from young girls and leave them on the streets with no where to stay, and with no care as to if we were safe or not as he made sure the police told us we would go to prison if we did not leave the entire premises, because we sat on the stairs trying to find somewhere new to stay!!! Take my advice please and do not think this won’t happen to you because it will, BADER is not your friend BADER will kick you to the curb. - I’m sure management will try to argue with my review as they have with many others but who do you trust? A 22 year old girl that lost £700 or a hotel who have clearly been doing this for years with NO consequences to their complete mistreatment of holiday makers.


door Alice R


PLEASE DONT BOOK THIS HOTEL!!!! We arrived at this hotel for a weeks stay after having this holiday booked for nearly a year. We were met with disgusting service from the male receptionist, goes by the name BADER. The ladies on reception and the bar staff were lovely however this was overlooked by the bully of a manager who loved to pick on young female girls. Less than 48 hours into the holiday this man kicked us out onto the streets and rang the police to which he made up lies to them of what we had done as an excuse to kick us out. We later found the reason of kicking us out was to book more people in to most likely steal their deposit like he did ours. A rep tried negotiating with this man explaining he should give our deposits back as no damages were done however BADER refused. We were on the street on the second day of our holiday a holiday we’d saved up for and we’re excited for all year! The cleanliness of the hotel was average it is very dated. The pool was nice however the lifeguard would not leave us alone and was constantly telling people off for laughing at 2pm in the afternoon. BADER lied to us and the police about throwing the group of boys out who caused all the issues, we’re smoking and had a massive speaker by the pool when in fact he let them stay but just got rid of all the girls…? Please take my advice and do not be fooled into staying in this hotel our holiday we’d spent a lot of money on was ruined from the first hour by this vile man and couples and other people we had spoke to said he’d been the same with them.