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  • 4,5/5 Slaapkwaliteit
  • 4/5 Locatie
  • 4,5/5 Kamers
  • 3,5/5 Service
  • 3/5 Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 4,5/5 Hygiëne

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door Maja V

Fantastic service and location!

The private beach is nice, clean and good for families with kids. There is also a playground for children, as well as a fast food and a restaurant. The staff is incredibly kind, and the food (and cakes) in the hotel restaurant is top tier. After a week with luxury on Santa Quaranta, we know for sure we will be back. By far one of the best hotels in Saranda.


door Navigate13445502967 Tirana, Albanië

Restaurant is topp

I have been to many resorts and traveled a lot but santa quaranta resort was one of the best i have been . Everything was perfect in every detail. The staff was very friendly and helpful to help you with every thing you required. Not to mention the beach bar which thr atmosfer was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


door Mrs161968 Sintra, Portugal

This is not a 5*, not even 3*

This is not a 5* hotel Not even a 3* hotel. Services does not exist, breakfast does not have the minimum such as butter (only margarine), yogurt (only puddings) or even a toaster or bread to toast. Our rooms were at the entrance of the breakfast room, so impossible to sleep after 8:00pm with the breakfast room noice. We asked to change but we’re told it’s not possible. Internet does not work properly, it’s impossible to stay connected for more then a couple of minutes. There is garbage all around the property. Old beach furniture is abandoned at the hotel site for everyone to see surrounded of garbage. Big garbage bins are completely full to be seen at the entrance of the parking of the hotel. Staff Is seen smoking outside the kitchen during lunch time while we waited 1:30 to be served lunch. The pool and beach area access build in wood and metal is full of rust, completely destroyed due to the rust accumulated during the year without any renovation or maintenance. One of the stairs that gives access to the beach is even not operational as the stairs broke because of the rust. Screws show full of rust and broken. The rooms don’t look nice, despite having been renovated recently. The shower is badly build so the water comes out so much that it completely floods the entire floor, making it impossible to use. Definitely a place not to recommend, specially not if you look for a 5* hotel


door 1409joana Sicilië, Italië


ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!! I have traveled all over the world, stayed in various hotels (5 stars and below) and I have to say that this is the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. I can’t even comprehend how it is classified as 5 stars. Terrible service. The reception staff are extremely rude and restaurant service is beyond terrible. Waited over an hour for our meal when the restaurant wasn’t even full. Initially they didn’t have our reservation when it was all paid for, but then solved the issue by giving us the two rooms above the restaurant and the reception. Additionally the rooms were next to the breakfast restaurant, so starting at 7:00 all you could hear were screaming children, plates, etc… at night it was also impossible to sleep between the squeaking door at the reception and the loud noise coming from the restaurant until 2 am at the minimum. We asked to change room, but they told us none were available and offered no other solution. Anyways rooms were extremely outdated, dirty, covered in bugs, broken showers, small, and definitely not like the images online. To add on the pool area is rusted, warn out, has loose screws. One of the set of stairs can even be used because it is broken and covered in rust. How is this possible in a 5 star summer resort. Unfortunately the list goes on. The hotel is surround by trash which is very much visible. There is a type of landfill on one side of the hotel with old truck, old beach beds, and other trash. It stinks. On the other side tables, chairs, etc and you can see the cooks smoking and playing with their kids during meal times. This is not something you should see as you enter a hotel. Now onto the breakfast, extremely basic for a 5 star resort. There wasn’t even a toaster or butter available. Food was not good and terrible quality. Breakfast facility looked dirty. To finish off We were meant to stay five nights (we fully paid for) and left after 2 nights back to dhermi where there are nice hotels and beaches. At the checkout they didn’t even ask why we left early, but instead were very concerned with making sure we hadn’t used anything from the mini bar in both rooms. This is not at all what I expect from a 5 star hotel. When I pay the price of this I expect good service, good rooms and overall an excellent experience. NEVER AGAIN, and please save yourself the bad experience.


door SaraLango

Don’t book this hotel

Do yourself a favor and do not book this hotel. It does not live up to the “5 star” standard. Maximum 3 stars. There’s no service and the people working at the hotel prioritize their family and friends before guests. The outdoor area is in poor condition and needs to be renovated asap. They charge different prices so you never know how much something costs. The Wi-Fi doesn’t work. The room was super small and didn’t fit 2 bags. The hotelmanager is the most rude woman we’ve ever met in our life’s. The breakfast is the same everyday and they don’t refill when something is finished. The staff is on their phones and doesn’t greet you or initiate contact at all, they are rude and look like they want you to F off. If you want service you have to beg for it. Very few speak English. I do not recommend, the list just goes on and on.