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  • 3,5/5 Hygiëne

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door Maximus789

Decent hotel ruined by noise

The actual hotel itself is fine, I didn't find it to be dirty or unclean in any way, the lifts are a little rickety but not a problem. The staff we met were all lovely. The problem is about a third of the rooms have balconies overlooking bar street, the noise on that side of the hotel is intolerable and I say that as someone who likes to stay out late drinking on holiday. The noise in the other two thirds of the rooms is not too bad but you wouldn't book it in case you end up on the wrong side.


door Kev G

Central hotel, very comfortable

Great stay in Rhodes town, comfortable stay with helpful staff. Spiros was excellent, very polite and informative. Gentleman at the pool was so very nice to meet. Easy to reach places and car hire available. We would easily stay at this hotel Again.


door AdinaD88

Good location and services

The hotel is perfectly located in an animated area of Rhodes town, close to clubs, bars, restaurants and the beach, aprox. 10 minutes' walk until the city's port. Simple but very clean rooms, very polite employees.


door athina12345678902 Athene, Griekenland

extremely noisy dirty place

horrible dirty place built in the middle of the noisiest club area, windows vibrating from noise. Other guests are mainly drunk teenagers from Scandinavia, during our stay we witnessed one taken by ambulance at 4am, loud parties held inside hotel rooms after midnight, drunk youth running and shouting up and down stairs. Next morning all other guests complain at reception but nothing is obviously done since the Scandinavian travel agency they cooperate with keeps sending more unruly youngsters the next day...


door melisaakp

Do not waste your money or time

Safe to say it was horrible. The first 2 rooms we got were so dirty that we had to change rooms 3 times. Well the 3rd room was okay, but we woke up to the roof leaking. Went straight to the front desk, and they took 5 hours to come and check it out. I was luckily with my friend, and we decided to go to the beach to get our minds off off the room. When we came back the roof was ripped off without telling us about it. Went to the front desk again, and they gave us a new room. The staff also told us that the room would be ready in a day. When we asked about the room the day after, the man at the desk just laughed at our face and told that they have no more rooms. So never again.