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  • 4,5/5 Locatie
  • 3,5/5 Slaapkwaliteit
  • 3,5/5 Kamers
  • 3,5/5 Service
  • 3/5 Prijs/kwaliteit
  • 3,5/5 Hygiëne

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door chrisrtian s Wavre, België

5 sterren uitzicht maar zou veel meer kunnen bieden

Was hier omdat ik reis naar Antalya 5* geanuleerd heb wegens de toestand daar. Er waren gedurende de week 5 klanten in groot hotel. In het algemeen OK, Personeel vriendelijk. Kamer was heel goed, bad en douche prima, Heel goed bed;WIFI op kamer ook goed, 5 sterren uitzicht. TV uit andere tijd, sneeuw ontvangst in het Grieks,niet internationaal, Dus niet naar gekeken. Kan veel beter met satelliet ontvangst. Mooie verzorgde tuin, zwembad zou beter schoongemaakt moeten worden. Bar en receptie: veel glas maar dat zou dan wel moeten schoongemaakt worden. In het algemeen biedt het hotel, buiten slaapkamer en zwembad weinig diensten. Moeten zo nodig eens bij de Turkse concurrenten gaan om te zien hoe dit hotel een top hotel zou kunnen worden. Geen hotel voor kinderen, er is niks te zien en zwembad is niet voor kleine kinderen, overal te diep.Bar veel te duur, vooral als je een auto hebt, ga je naar Nidri of Lefkada, bvb wijn in hotel is 4 €/glas, in elke taverne heb je daarvoor 0,5 L. Restaurant, niet geweest, prijzen leken niet overdreven duur maar was eenzame bedoening. Ontbijt was internationaal OK. Dit hotel moet absoluut zijn dynamiek terugvinden. Bepaalde beoordelers wijten dit aan de moeilijke Griekse financiele situatie. Dit is geen reden. Ze onvangen harde Euro dus: Persoonlijk verwacht ik veeeeel meer van een 5* hotel.Dit moet veel beter worden.


door Bargainhunter1111 Verenigd Koninkrijk

Lovely location, iconic views, Average food

Went with my family in ending Oct 2022. Got a great deal, and I was so excited. Then I read the reviews. Most of them were dreadful. So I went in expecting the worst. But I was pleasantly surprised. I reached in the evening and it was dark. We we quickly checked in by the pleasant gentleman at reception and shown our room which was good size and clean with comfortable beds and a balcony. Could not appreciate the location and the excellent sea views. But when we woke up in the morning, the views and the location was brilliant. I had hired a car from Ionion car rental which was excellent. Highly recommended. The rooms are arranged on different floors with reception on the top floor with lots of stairs and lifts. Our room was on 5th floor. The hotel is in an isolated location which we knew beforehand. There is an outdoor I finity pool which was too cold to be used although there were some people sitting in the sun but nobody dared to go in. There is a small indoor pool which is also not heated but we used it everyday. There is a small gym by its side which we used as well. We went on a half board basis. The restaurant is good in size and location but the food choice is quite limited especially for vegetarians and food runs out pretty quickly most days. You have to ask the waiters to refill it. There were selection of salads, 2 meat dishes and one veg dish which were mostly the same every night. Breakfast was OK with eggs, cold meats, and cheese n pancakes n breads n cereals n nuts. We used it as a base and saw some lovely beaches. Lefkda is so so beautiful. But overall, I would say, we had a great time and would happily return to this place.


door Alisia R

One step below sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag

I was super excited to stay in this hotel. I travel a lot. I am very open minded outdoor person. I camp out regularly. But when I’m checked into a “luxury hotel” I’m not in the mindset for filth. Rather then write a long detailed story I will sum it up with….. it’s straight up filthy. The glass elevator Is so filthy you cannot see the sun through it. There’s a few turtles kept prisoner in the lobby. Their home was a tiny disgusting aquarium the size for goldfish. It was so rancid that you couldn’t even see them….It made me sick. The hotel room was gross and the beds were a dirty box spring with a 3 inch foam on top. I wore flip flops always because it was just a bad situation. I never complained because I knew there wasn’t a way to upgrade me out of the situation. Basically, it’s a motel 6 with an insane view and a dated “used to be amazing pool” The front desk service was the only bad service I experienced in my 3 weeks in Greece. The main guy at the front desk had a serious personality disorder. He couldn’t get the computer to pull up my reservation and when I asked what was going on he just started screaming. I have no idea. It was like an insane asylum. The pool has a beautiful view. The servers in the banquet area were kind and hard working. That’s the upside.


door Ann K McLean, Virginia

A peaceful sanctuary

Ionian Blue is my favorite place to stay on Lefkada. The view is breathtaking. Bar and restaurants are great. You can choose to swim and sun at the lovely infinity pool or crystal clear sea. Spa is wonderful, so I usually do one or two spa days with them.


door Dream262038

Outdated hotel

Pool is dirty, lifts were not working, service from the first instance was non existent. We had to carry our own luggage. This is not a 5 star hotel 2.5 maybe As I am feeling generous today. Manager was a coward, sends other poor people to do his apologies.. After accepting his inadequacy he send a basket of fruit and a bottle of cheap wine… Please Mr D.Founda, go back to school and learn about hotel management.