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  • 3,5/5 Hygiëne

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door Nick D

Not bad, rather good...

Staying here right now. If you want to catch 5 stars you'd better book another hotel. Really the seaside is close , about 3 minutes by foot. Lot's of Taverna's around the corner here. Malia street is 1.5 km on the right hand. Ordinary brakefast but one can't be hungry even for 10days stay. If you rent a car you can go around because of the good location in Creete. The territorry is green and cosy. Hotel personnel are really trying to do their best. We pay less money than expected from this hotel. Thank's hotel managment and, staff I believe they following the proper way.


door Novi1090

Better then the class he has

the rooms are comfortable,very clean.the environment is clean, green with trees and flowers,the pool is clean and warm.good locations. 5 minutes from sea, near the bus station. very friendly staff.surprised by the "price-quality" I recommend it.


door browneyedowl Milton Keynes, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Not a nice place to stay

I stayed here when I visited Malia in 2011 and I've never been able to forget the horrible hotel room and bathroom we had. The room was dirty, the floors were absolutely filthy! We had 2 twin beds with grubby sheets, and the bathroom didn't even have a functioning shower. The shower in our room consisted of a tiny shower head which didn't come off the wall and some planks of wood to section off the 'shower' to the rest of the bathroom. it was impossible to have a wash, which wasn't nice when staying for a week in hot Crete! The toilets were always back-flushing, and from different rooms too. Disgusting. The room had a small kitchenette which had a small fridge which was handy seeing as the room didn't have air conditioning, and we kept cereal and milk in there for our breakfasts seeing as they supply some crockery and cutlery. It's up to you to keep your room as clean as you can as we didn't see any house keeping for the entirety of our stay. The pool area was kept relatively clean, but the pool was always a little dirty. The only plus side was the people who ran the hotel, they were such a lovely family I didn't really want to complain to them! The food they cooked for you was really nice, authentic Greek food and they were very accommodating when I had severe sun burn and requested some Greek yoghurt to help with the burn. They gave me a massive tub. I honestly would never stay here again, and the only reason why I give a 1 stay is a) I can't give zero and 2) I liked the family who own it.


door 901evil901 Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus

it was ok..

For me it was ok. To be honest the owners were very helpful and very friendly with me. The hotel is near with the sea and it is also 5 minutes from the center of Malia. So if you don't have high expectetions...try it!


door sharon3292 Jeruzalem, Israël

its more than i expected

well the price was rediculus so i wasnt expecting for too much . armonia hotel is not the kind of hotel u go to if u dont want to leave the hotel in other words u go out and come back at night just to sleep . this place was enough for me because it was clean it is in the centre of a shoping places in malia and near the beach and ofcourse the "happy train " is in this street go to a man name "Jordan" there he will help he is a decent person anyway for the hotel the owner is very nice and she did her best to help us she even let us to saty untill 6 oclock without charging extra money (ohh u need to pay for air con ) i must say that she doesnt know english she speaks only german and greek but we somehow managed to talk to her we loved her .